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Collaborators & Advisors



East Sussex Hospitals, Dr Harry Walmsley (Anaesthetics & Resuscitation)

Hammersmith Hospital London: Mr Ken Spearpoint, (Resuscitation

James Paget Hospital: Ms Pam Cushing (Resuscitation)

Mayday Hospital: London Mr Russell Metcalfe Smith (Resuscitation)

Morriston Hospital: Dr Penny Sartori (Critical Care Nursing),

Stevenage Hospital: Ms Salli Lovett (Critical Care)

Northampton Hospital: Ms Celia Warlow (Resuscitation)

Royal Bournemouth Hospital: Ms Hayley Killingback (Resuscitation

Royal London Hospital, Bath: Dr Jerry Nolan (Critical Care & Resuscitation)

Salisbury Hospital: Mr Iain Macleod (Resuscitation)

St Georges Hospital: London: Ms Leanne Smythe (Resuscitation)

St Peters Hospital: Mr Paul Wills (Resuscitation)

Swindon Hospital: Mr Jon Taylor (Resuscitation)

University of Birmingham: Dr Peter Doyle (Emergency Medicine), Ms Tina Millward (Resuscitation)

University of Cambridge: Ms Susan Jones (Resuscitation), Dr David Menon2 (neurocritical care) 

University of Cardiff: Professor Douglas Chamberlain2 (Cardiology & Resuscitation)

University of Oxford: Ms Sue Hampshire (Resuscitation)

University of Southampton: Chairman - Dr Sam Parnia1
(Respiratory), Professor Stephen Holgate (Respiratory Medicine), Dr Peter Fenwick (Psychiatry), Professor Robert Peveler2 (Psychiatry),
Niki Fallowfield (Resuscitation)


Albert Einstein Medical College: Dr Gabriele Devos (Immunology & Biostatistics)

Indiana State University: Dr Mark Faber (Pulmonary & Critical Care)

Johns Hopkins University: Dr Romer Geocadin2 (neurocritical care)

New York University: Dr Nonkulie Dladla (Biostatistics & Internal Medicine)

University of North Chicago: Dr Eric Gluck (Pulmonary & Critical Care)

University of Virginia: Professor Bruce Greyson (Psychiatry), Dr Robert O’Connor (Emergency medicine)


University of Montreal: Dr Mario Beauregard2 (Neuroscience)


University of Vienna: Professor Roland Beisteiner (Neurology), Dr Fritz Sterz (Emergency Medicine), Dr Michael Berger (Neuroscience)

1 - Dr Parnia is currently practicing at Weill Cornell Medical Center,
New York, USA however the research collaboration has been sponsored by
the University of Southampton, UK

2 – Currently collaborating on an advisory basis.

"Resuscitation" - The investigators marked as "resuscitation" are all representatives
of each hospitals "Resuscitation Committee" who have agreed to
participate in the study

* - The list of potential collaborators is correct as of March 2009

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