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Advances in Resuscitation and Further Understanding Consciousness

In the past few months there have continued to be advances in the studies of resuscitation and further scientific research about states of consciousness. Could these revolutionize intensive care and trauma medicine as well as take humanity a step further along the path of discovering more about the nature of our selves in varying states of awareness?

Read a report by Colleen Shaddox on the latest surgery that uses Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest (DHCA) which has the patient clinically dead for a significant amount of time.
"'Kill and cure' surgery that could save your life"

Also, watch and read about Dr. Kevin Fong and his pioneering investigation of a method of extreme cooling that is being used to bring people back from the dead. In the operating theatre, a patient's heart is stopped and their brain shows no activity. They are indistinguishable from someone who is dead. Yet patients can then be warmed up and brought back to life. Watch the documentary from BBC's Two:
BBC Two Back from the Dead (need a BBC iPlayer to view).

Or, you can watch Dr. Fong on YouTube, "How Skier Froze to Death and Lived"

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