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Our aim is to provide a resource centre for all those who wish to study the state of the human mind at the end of life as well as issues related to this. We have therefore provided a number of references in this section that relate to the material in this website. (Also see a list of newspaper and magazine articles/links in the Media Zone)

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Selection of peer reviewed published scientific articles

Below you will find a selection of articles related to the study of mind, brain consciousness and near death experiences during clinical death (cardiac arrest)


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Academic Textbook

Parnia S, Spearpoint K, Fenwick P. The Near Death Experience and After Care of Cardiac Arrest Survivors in Cardiac Arrest The Science and Practice of Resuscitation Medicine Edited by Paradis N et al 2nd ed


Non Fiction Books

Sam Parnia, Erasing Death : The science that is rewriting the boundaries between life and death. HarperCollins Publishers, 2013


Fenwick P & Fenwick E., The Art of Dying: Demonstrates that we can face death with a peaceful and untroubled mind; that death is not a lonely or a fearful journey, but an intensely hopeful one, Continuum International Publishing Group, August 2008.


Fenwick P & Fenwick E, The Truth in the Light : An investigation of over 300 near-death experiences, Berkley Trade, 1995, Reprinted January 1, 1997.


Parnia S, What Happens When We Die: A ground breaking study into the nature of life & death, Hay House, September 2005 and December 2005.


Raymond A. Moody, JR., M.D., Life After Life: What lies beyond death; the bestselling original investigation that brought “near death experiences” public attention.



Parnia S, The Lazarus Light in The Tablet 28 August 1999


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