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End of Life Issues

The issues related to what happens at the end of life, can be divided into the biological changes that take place to the body, and the mental changes. On this website, we have attempted to provide a scientifically grounded summary of what has been discovered and is currently understood regarding these issues.

There has been extensive research investigating the biological changes that accompany the dying process through the investigation and study of cardiac arrest. There has also been some limited study of what happens to the mind during the dying process, which has been broadly divided into near death experiences and death bed visions.

Cardiac arrest is the closest biological model to study the dying process, as the three clinical criteria of death, namely no heart beat, no breathing and no brain function are met. Therefore what people experience during this process is likely to provide a glimpse into what we all experience in the first few minutes, up to an hour of the dying process.

At present this site is predominantly devoted to the scientific study of the events that accompany the dying process. We are unfortunately unable to offer specific medical advice, and those interested are advised to speak with their own doctor’s should they have any questions regarding specific points.

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