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BRAIN-1 (Brain Resuscitation Advancement International Network)

The BRAIN-1 (Brain Resuscitation Advancement International Network - 1) is an international prospective study aimed at examining the underlying physiologic mechanisms that occur during cardiac arrest. This will be attained through conducting a variety of physiologic tests, assessing neurologic and cognitive function as well as cerebral monitoring techniques.  In particular, the study will be using the INVOS® Cerebral Oximeter provided by Somanetics, an FDA-cleared noninvasive patient monitor that measures changes in oxygen levels that provide an indication of brain oxygen levels and circulation of blood to the brain. Through analyzing cerebral perfusion, we will gain additional information of cerebral function during cardiac arrest and how this impacts neurologic and cognitive outcomes of post cardiac arrest patients. This study may help to improve the medical and psychological care of patients who have undergone cardiac arrest and help clinicians develop more effective rehabilitation programs for patients. This study is one of many of the Human Consciousness Project that will help to further elucidate many unknown aspects of the human brain and consciousness.  


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