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AWARE Study Update 2014

Many people have written to ask us if we can provide any updates on the status of the AWARE study. Although this study is being run independent of Horizon Research Foundation by researchers across many medical centers, in response to the numerous requests we reached out to the chief investigator Dr Parnia for an update. He explained to us that the results of the first phase of the AWARE study have been completed and have been submitted for publication in a medical journal. The study results are now undergoing peer review. It is anticipated that after the completion of this process, the investigators will announce the results to the public through conventional media channels. This will likely take place through collaboration between the university media offices, the medical journal and national and international media outlets.

Unfortunately due to the strict nature of scientific peer review, the process can take several months. The authors and researchers cannot disclose the results until they have been formally published, as medical journals do not permit results to be revealed prior to publication and place an embargo on researchers and universities. Dr Parnia further explained "while I truly appreciate all the interest from the public, I would sincerely hope that those who are interested will be patient as we go trough this process. This is the first large scale multi-center international study of the type and it is critical that the results go through all the relevant and appropriate channels before being released. This will happen later this year, however the exact timing is out of our hands at this stage as it depends on the response of the medical journals and the people who are acting as their peer reviewers. However we will certainly link the release of the results with the Horizon website so that those who have waited patiently can access them on the day they are released through Horizon as well as the conventional media outlets ".

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