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Materials on this website have been reviewed or prepared by physicians and/or scientists actively involved in research in relation to the subjects being covered.

Collaborators & Advisors

East Sussex Hospitals: Dr Harry Walmsley (Anaesthetics & Resuscitation)
Hammersmith Hospital, London: Mr Ken Spearpoint, (Resuscitation)
James Paget Hospital: Ms Pam Cushing (Resuscitation)
Mayday Hospital, London: Mr Russell Metcalfe Smith (Resuscitation)
Morriston Hospital: Dr Penny Sartori (Critical Care Nursing)
Stevenage Hospital: Ms Salli Lovett (Critical Care)
Northampton Hospital: Ms Celia Warlow (Resuscitation)
Royal Bournemouth Hospital: Ms Hayley Killingback (Resuscitation)
Royal London Hospital, Bath: Dr Jerry Nolan (Critical Care & Resuscitation)
Salisbury Hospital: Mr Iain Macleod (Resuscitation)
St Georges Hospital: London: Ms Leanne Smythe (Resuscitation)
St Peters Hospital: Mr Paul Wills (Resuscitation)
Swindon Hospital: Mr Jon Taylor (Resuscitation)
University of Birmingham: Dr Peter Doyle (Emergency Medicine), Ms Tina Millward (Resuscitation)
University of Cambridge: Ms Susan Jones (Resuscitation), Dr David Menon2 (neurocritical care) 
University of Cardiff: Professor Douglas Chamberlain (Cardiology & Resuscitation)
University of Oxford: Ms Sue Hampshire (Resuscitation)
University of Southampton: Chairman - Dr Sam Parnia1 (Respiratory), Professor Stephen Holgate (Respiratory Medicine), Dr Peter Fenwick (Psychiatry), Professor Robert Peveler (Psychiatry), Ms Niki Fallowfield (Resuscitation)

Albert Einstein Medical College: Dr Gabriele Devos (Immunology & Biostatistics)
Indiana State University: Dr Mark Faber (Pulmonary & Critical Care)
Johns Hopkins University: Dr Romer Geocadin2 (neurocritical care)
New York University: Dr Nonkulie Dladla (Biostatistics & Internal Medicine)
University of North Chicago: Dr Eric Gluck (Pulmonary & Critical Care)
University of Virginia: Professor Bruce Greyson (Psychiatry), Dr Robert O’Connor (Emergency medicine)

 University of Montreal: Dr Mario Beauregard2 (Neuroscience)

University of Vienna: Professor Roland Beisteiner (Neurology), Dr Fritz Sterz (Emergency Medicine), Dr Michael Berger (Neuroscience)

1 - Dr Parnia is currently practicing at Stony Brook Medical Center, USA, where he is an Assistant Professor of Critical Care Medicine.   However the research collaboration has been sponsored by the University of Southampton, UK

2 – Currently collaborating on an advisory basis

"Resuscitation" - the investigators marked as "resuscitation" are all representatives of each hospitals "Resuscitation Committee" who have agreed to participate in the study

* - The list of potential collaborators is correct as of March 2009.

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