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AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION (www.americanheart.org)

CENTER FOR CONSCIOUSNESS STUDIES (www.consciousness.arizona.edu)
This is a very good resource for consciousness studies and is the website for the centre for consciousness studies at the University of Arizona. There are on line courses and also conference details.

THE DANA FOUNDATION (www.dana.org)

THE D-WORD: TALK ABOUT DEATH AND DYING (www.d-word.co.uk/default.aspx)
This website is dedicated to offering simple, practical guidance, information and resources to find better ways of talking openly about the D-Word. Sponsored by the National Council of Palliative Care and the Department of Health.


THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR NEAR DEATH STUDIES (www.iands.org) This is the website relating to the international association of near death studies. This is the first and largest organisation on NDE and a very useful resource.

THE MIND BODY SYMPOSIUM (www.mindbodysymposium.com)

NOBEL INSTITUTE (http://nobelprize.org/medicine/laureates/1963/index.html)
This is a link that provides details about John Eccles on the website of the Nobel Institute.

NOUR FOUNDATION (www.nourfoundation.com)
This is a very good website for links to the work of Professor Bahram Elahi. This foundation also explores the common moral, ethical, and cultural principles underlying various philosophies and schools of thought through a host of multidisciplinary events by experts from such diverse fields as law, medicine, science, music, and the arts. The philosophy of Ostad Elahi can also be accessed specifically on (www.ostadelahi.com)

PARTICLE PHYSICS (www.particleadventure.org)
This award winning website simplifies and explains particle physics to non specialists and lay people wonderfully.

PROFESSOR CRICK (http://nobelprize.org/medicine/laureates/1962/crick-bio.html)
This is a link that provides details about Professor Crick on the website of the Nobel Institute.

This is the website relating to the UK resuscitation council. It provides general information on resuscitation issues.

STUART HAMEROFF (www.quantumconsciousness.org)
This is Stuart Hameroff’s website where he explains his theories on consciousness being a quantum process. It is a very good website.


UNIVERSITY OF MONTREAL (www.umontreal.ca)


UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA (www.virginia.edu)

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