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Upcoming series of articles on the near death experience phenomenon or NDE

It is our pleasure to inform you that, given Horizon Research Foundation’s interest to study the state of the human mind at the end of life, in the upcoming months our editorial board will publish a series of articles aimed at providing an overview of the NDE phenomenon such as its characteristics, its incidence, theories for causation, scientific studies, current and forthcoming etc…

Although some of you may have read personal accounts by people having lived through an NDE and may have also heard of the debates surrounding this subject, you may not be aware that there are some researchers who have begun studying the NDE phenomenon.

Through these articles, we at the Horizon Research Foundation would like to introduce you to this fascinating field, keep you updated on the latest studies and thereby also increase public awareness of the fact that this field is extremely exciting and important since it may hold the key to some of the questions that, to this day and age, still go unanswered and concern us all, namely:

  • the mystery of death
  • the nature of the self, of our consciousness and mind

We also hope to convey that, although some of the accounts are subjective and rich in emotional content, just like all human experiences such as (for instance) anger, jealousy, and compassion, the NDE phenomenon can also be studied through rigorous scientific means. In other words, although it is sometimes viewed by some with a certain degree of skepticism, it can be studied under the rigors of science. It will also become clear that, even if still in its infancy, the study of what happens when we die as well as of the NDE phenomenon, has already attracted the interest of researchers, and has become the object of scientific studies as exemplified by publications in respected peer reviewed scientific journals

We hope you will enjoy the Special Section.

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