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The Cool Study


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The COOL study

As you may recall we brought our readers some information regarding this study. Dr Mario Beauregard of the University of Montreal recently told us during a telephone interview that they have completed a preliminary questionnaire survey of patients who have undergone “standstill surgery” – better known as deep hypothermic surgery. During this procedure patients are cooled to a temperature below 20 Celsius which leads to a state in which there is no measurable brain activity, no heart beat or breathing and hence physiologically akin to clinical death. The goal of this study is to determine whether patients can have awareness and conscious processes during this time when the brain has stopped measurable electrical activity. Dr Beauregard explained “It is going well as we had had a number of people report conscious awareness and memories from their period of standstill surgery. This now justifies the need to conduct a prospective study to evaluate the claims that patients have of being aware and able to see things from above during this incredible surgery”

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We will also bring further updates on this study in January 2011

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