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Comments on Eastwood’s “The Hereafter”

The new movie directed by Clint Eastwood , “The Hereafter,” is a welcome
exploration of what happens when we die.  Eastwood brings the topic to mainstream movie audiences with just enough scientific facts and open ended questions to allow the general public the ability to have an open-mindedness about the subject of dying and death.

The limited scientific exploration and discussion, however, makes it seem like the study of near death experiences is in it’s very early stages whereas there are large, worldwide studies already in place by several well regarded institutions and professionals. See our Research Zone.  Also, see an article from The Wall Street Journal, Seeking Proof in Near Death Claims.

Gladly, having Eastwood and Hollywood take on the subject of what happens when we die in such a well balanced and “not over the top” manner (the mediumship scenes and after death visions are restrained) will hopefully continue to open our collective consciousness to further explore the reality of human consciousness and death.

There are an abundance of reviews for The Hereafter, here you will find several links to national reviews for “The Hereafter.

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