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2010-2011 Site Plans

Welcome to some exciting news about this website! The editorial committee has planned to bring regular updates to the Horizon website and we wanted to share an outline of our plans with you. From November 2010 onwards, we will be providing a research updates section that will examine some of the progress with the AWARE study as well as other related research carried out in different parts of the world.

In terms of the AWARE study, the updates will address certain milestones: developments on the direction of the research, interviews with the researchers, information on what the participating hospitals are currently doing and the new hospitals that have joined the AWARE study, and some early statistics on the study. We will also cover current developments regarding the topic of consciousness through monthly features such as news stories, book reviews, interesting topics from other organizations, and interviews with world leaders. Furthermore, we hope to provide educational events in 2011 and we will provide announcements regarding any upcoming public events related to the topic of consciousness.

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