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We are the only charitable foundation in the UK (Registered Charity No. 296655) and US (non-profit status pending) that supports ground-breaking research and innovative scientific studies into what happens when we die as well as the state of the human mind, brain and consciousness at the end of life.

But to do this we really do rely on the generosity of people like you to help us continue our vital work.

You can make a real difference today.

There are lots of ways to help us continue our work. Should you wish you can donate directly by using your credit card and paying through Paypal which provides a secure form of online payment. Alternatively we can accept donations by cheque.

We very much appreciate your kindness. Other than a small amount of money that is spent on administrative issues, all the money raised through Horizon is used to support research into our core projects. Funding raised through Horizon has allowed us to develop the AWARE study - currently the world's largest and most comprehensive study into what happens when we die.

Horizon Research Foundation is a Registered Charity No. 296655 in the UK
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